Swamped Chapter 66 Page 10

Well. Vils said the guide would turn up there sooner or later. So maybe if you wait around, you’ll see somebody who isn’t a Silent One. You don’t even really need to be at the right building as long as you can get some directions.

So, you wait. Before long, you see someone wearing colorful robes and a strange hat. This might be a priest, or it might be someone else entirely. However, the fact that they’re not carrying anything around suggests they aren’t one of the Silent Ones.

You walk over to them, and follow them into one of the buildings. You have no idea what sort of building it is, but you don’t really care at this point. Presumably, if you’re not supposed to be there, they’ll tell you as much.

The entrance immediately opens into a stairway, which heads down into the ground. The person you’re following shows no sign of acknowledging you, even as you continue through an ornate door.

And you find yourself in what is clearly a war room, only it’s a much fancier one than you had back at the swamp. There are tactical maps all over the place, only a few of which look familiar. The rest probably depict places on this continent.

You’re surprised how lax their security is. You could have walked right in without any trouble. Perhaps that’s just what you get used to in a city full of slaves.

Of course, you don’t understand the language here. So the various notes on the maps are unreadable, and while people are talking, you have no idea what they’re saying. They don’t seem to be acknowledging you at all.

What now?

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Inspect the maps. What places do they seem to be focused on? Do you know any of them?

Move some pieces subtly on the maps, mess up their plans!