Swamped Chapter 66 Page 9

You’ve carried this bluff long enough. You thank him, making sure to mention his name and seem like you’re struggling with it a little.

Chances are there won’t be many buildings with symbols on the door. Even if there are, this “Master’s Symbol” is likely to stand out, considering how important he seems to be.

As you walk, you try to sort through what you’ve learned.

You’re still missing some details, but as best as you can tell, the Master is the head of Azel’s organization and the Pilgrims are his direct underlings. You also wouldn’t be surprised if their dealings with the Guild have something to do with all the slaves here – either as a seller or a buyer.

Why have they taken an interest in the swamp, though? Presumably they want whatever’s in the Marsh Fortress, but how would they even find out what it is? You don’t know what it is and you’ve lived in the damn swamp for years. You might have found out if the vote had gone your way, but even if you somehow still had enough support after how this night went, it’s not as if you’d be around to take the position.

That’s when it strikes you that the sun is directly overhead. It’s around noon. But… you weren’t locked up for that long. And while you were disoriented for a bit after they told you about the delivery, you’re fairly sure you didn’t fall unconscious…

Well. Now that you think about it, it gets light sooner in the east, doesn’t it? When you were in Tallus, the sun was about three hours ahead of what you were used to, so if it’s that high now, that would put you…

Well beyond the edge of the continent.

The realization is unsettling. You already didn’t know where you were, but if you’re on another continent entirely, even fleeing the city wouldn’t be much help. You’d never find familiar territory.

Which leaves you with little to do except find this Kabracam place, and hopefully from there you can get directions to the temple. You don’t know what’s going to happen after that, but it’s not as if you have any other plans at all right now.

You stop suddenly, as the street opens up into a circle. You can see that there’s a ring of several buildings up ahead, all with various ornate symbols over the doors.

Figures. Now how are you supposed to find the right one?

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You know at the very least that people use the building you’re looking for. So just enter buildings other people are entering or leaving, and stay out of buildings they aren’t, and hope you stumble across your guide.