Swamped Chapter 66 Page 5

Now you remember. That’s Flame’s insignia – well, not quite, but it’s got a distinctly similar shape. You’ve seen it a few times when glancing at his donations.

You always wondered why a self-professed man of peace was making donations to a military organization in the first place. Not that you know any more about that now, you suppose; it’s not as if these people told you why they wanted a foothold in the swamp either. But if there is a connection, it suggests Flame is willing to go quite far to get ahold of whatever’s in the Marsh Fortress.

Well. If there’s one thing you’ve learned in your life, it’s to always keep in mind what people want. It’s very useful for gaining leverage on them.

Still, you don’t have anything concrete – just a resemblance between two symbols. You’ll just keep the possibility in mind, you suppose. For now, you’ve got to find a temple. And it seems you can’t just ask for directions.

Which is odd, actually, considering they were in enough of a hurry to deliver this that they sent you. Or maybe getting you far away from them was the whole point?

Whatever. For now you may as well focus on finding the temple. How are you going to go about that?

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Do some groundwork and talk to locals.