Swamped Chapter 66 Page 4

It takes you a moment to realize something – you’re on a street filled with people, none of whom seem remotely bothered by your distinctly out-of-place uniform.

At first you think they might just be preoccupied – they all seem to be carrying things in large baskets or pulling carts around. But a few of them do glance directly at you, with no apparent reaction.

You’re unsettled by the whole thing. And you need to take a closer look at what you’re delivering, if only for some clue where you’re delivering it to. You duck down what looks like a side alley when you can find one.

No one seems to be here. So you check the satchel for any sign of directions. Nothing on the outside; you open it up.

There’s an ornate box inside, with what is very clearly a lock. You could probably break it if you really tried, but the way things are going for you, you doubt you’d even be able to use whatever’s in there.

More usefully for your purposes, there’s a note.

Take this to the Grand Temple.

Below that is a row of symbols. They look like the letters on the nearby signs; you suppose that can help you know for sure when you’ve reached the Grand Temple. Although, really, that sounds like the sort of thing that should be relatively obvious when you see it.

That’s not the end of the note, though…

Do not speak to anyone unless they speak to you first.

You weren’t planning on it. You have a hunch they don’t speak Common here.

When you reach the Temple, show the mark on the back of this note to one of the priests. Until then, keep it concealed.

That’s all that’s written. You take a glance at the mark.

Wait a minute. That looks familiar. Where have you seen that before?

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Isn’t that the symbol on Flame’s thrower?