Swamped Chapter 66 Page 3

“We need to make a delivery very urgently.”

You immediately see a problem.

“So urgently you’ll let a prisoner do it? There must be some catch.”

He simply laughs.

“The only catch is that it will be impossible for you to escape. Had we more time, I would even encourage you to try – your failure would provide some much-needed amusement. But we do not have that luxury.”

The lack of details is almost as worrying as the thought of what they’ll do to you if you refuse. Almost.

“Well, seeing as I don’t have much choice here, I’ll do it,” you agree. At least until an alternative prevents itself.

“I assumed as much. You will depart immediately.”

“To where,” you start to ask, but before you can finish, he shoves a small satchel into your hands, and the next thing you know, you’ve got a severe headache.

It takes nearly a minute for the headache to clear, at which point you find yourself in… well, it looks like a city, but you’ve never seen architecture like this before. Everything’s so… triangular. And what are these buildings even made of?

You also have no directions for where you’re supposed to go. Not that it would do any good, seeing as you can’t identify any of the letters on the nearby signs.

You suspect you are very, very far from the swamp right now. Or any place you’ve ever heard of.

What are you even supposed to do?

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Check out the contents of the satchel.

Actually, wait, are there any people around? Maybe you should get into the privacy of an alleyway before satchel-sniffing.