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You can’t read the situation well enough to know what might save your skin. So, you’ll just have to go to an old standby until you can find your bearings.

You promptly fall to your knees and grovel.

“Please, don’t hurt me! The other knights found me out, I’d seen the vial used before, I was desperate to escape… I wasn’t thinking of anything else…”

You feel a hard slap across your face from the leader.

“So you stole Avel’s escape vial?” he shouts at you, angrily.

“No! No, it was pure chance! He tried to use it, the Bogknight fighting me went after him, the vial went flying… I just ran. We’d already lost by then.”

You put on the most pathetic face you can manage. You had a lot of practice with this in your youth.

The leader glares at you for what seems like an eternity. You start sweating.

“What of our machines? What happened to them?” he finally asks.

“I don’t know. We only saw one wave of three. Avel said you sent five hundred, but we never saw more.”

The leader folds his arms.

“And we have not received word from our scout in the Marsh Fortress. Both of your bases should be crawling with them by now. It is as I feared – by moving up our plans, we are less prepared than we should be.”

“Moving up?” you ask, but he ignores you.

“I must speak to the master about this. Carma! Find some comfortable quarters for our new guest.”

So there’s someone higher up the ladder. That’s worth keeping in mind.

Before you can give it much more thought, though, a very muscular young woman steps out from the group and grabs your arms. Must be Carma.

“Don’t try anything funny,” she says.

You stand up and let her lead you to… well, you were expecting a cell, but it’s actually a rather nice-looking room. She sits you down at a fancy table in the middle, and finally lets go.

“You’ll be here until the Master decides what to do with you,” she says. “If you try to escape, I’ll snap your neck.”

And with that, she walks out and slams the door shut. It’s most likely locked.

Now what?

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This is not a great situation.

Get yourself some makeshift weapons to hide on your person; it might mean disassembling furniture a little bit, but nothing too obvious.