Swamped Chapter 65 Page 26

Well. Ash is preoccupied, and the room isn’t well-lit. He might not be sure that you don’t have a weapon.

So if you feign throwing something, he might react to it. You give it a shot when he seems to be glancing your way.

You think it’s working. His eyes are darting around quickly, trying to figure out where the projectile is while not losing sight of his more immediate opponents. He gets more aggressive, trying to cut down on the number of threats as best he can.

But getting more aggressive means getting less defensive, and Mary manages to find an opening. He screams as the mudpike hits him in the stomach, and Stan takes the opportunity to disarm him.

It doesn’t go better for him from there. Unarmed and with two good fighters teaming up on him, he’s soon knocked down. Stan pins him down.

“I’ll keep on him,” Stan says. “You two, stop Roxley!”

You grab Ash’s sword. You don’t think it would be wise to go throwing it around, but it’s better than nothing. You and Mary rush over to Roxley, who’s just broken out of Erin’s grip.

As you draw near, Roxley reverses the hold, and pulls out a knife, holding it to Erin’s throat.

“You’ve got Ash and his contact,” she says. “You don’t need me. So here’s my offer: you let me leave, and I let your pal Erin go.”

Now what do you do?

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She’s bluffing! …Right? …You can’t lose Erin like this.