Swamped Chapter 65 Page 24

Ash and Roxley are tough, but when it comes down to it, you know how they fight.

Their cloaked guest is another matter. You’ve got no idea what they’re capable of, but since they seemed to just appear out of thin air, you don’t want to take chances. You toss your slicer at the figure’s legs as they start pushing back on Stan.

Much to your surprise, they sidestep the slicer at the very last second before it would collide. But they can’t maintain their grip at full strength, and Stan presses his new advantage.

Meanwhile, Ash has sliced Mary’s mudpike in two. She’s still trying to fend him off with the pike end, but it doesn’t look like she’ll be holding up well. As for Erin, she’s not really fighting, so much as running away while trying to talk sense into Roxley. You can’t tell if that’s working.

You’re trying to think of which to go for next, when Stan gives the cloaked figure a hard slam into the ground. He goes right through the rotted floor. You don’t think he’s getting up from that for a while.

“I’ll help Mary,” Stan shouts. “You help your friend!”

That’s clear enough. You fling your slicer towards Roxley, just as she manages to catch up to Erin. She grabs Erin, turns around, and flings her in the slicer’s path.

“Damn it, Elize!” Erin groans. “Watch where you’re throwing that thing!”

Well, you can’t throw it now, Erin knocked it out of the air. And Roxley’s making a break for the door.

You don’t see any way out of this if she lets in their reinforcements. But you’re also without your weapon, and Roxley runs quite a bit faster that you. What can you even do?

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Get a new weapon. Replacement slicer.