Swamped Chapter 65 Page 23

You give a nod. It’s four on three, but you’ve got the element of surprise, and your potential opponents are hardly all on the same page.

You make the first move by tossing your slicer. The cloaked figure suddenly grabs it out of the air without much effort.

But their reflexes don’t fare so well against Stan’s tackle a moment later. That’s what they get for showing off, you suppose.

“Well, that’s it,” Roxley says. “They found us. We’re screwed.”

“If you’re that worried about being caught, help me with these troublemakers and I’ll take you out of here,” the cloaked figure says, wrestling with Stan. They dropped your slicer, so you pick that up; looks like you might have to fight all three after all.

“I don’t plan on leaving, but I’m happy to resume our conversation once this is dealt with.” Ash says, drawing his sword and advancing. “Roxley, could you get the door? I believe with the help of Amelia’s squad, we should be able to take care of these intruders.”

“You’re really going for this.”

“What other choice do we have at this point? Surrender?”

“All right, hang on.”

Roxely heads for the door. Erin rushes to intercept her, but Roxley knocks her down almost effortlessly.

“So. You’ve turned on us now? How disappointing.”

“Come on, Roxley,” Erin groans, struggling to her feet. “You know as well as I do that Ash has completely lost it. You’re better off cutting your losses at this point.”

Meanwhile, Mary’s trying to keep Ash away from Stan, who’s still wrestling with the cloaked figure. He’s holding on, but you think he’s losing ground.

Time to think about where your slicer can do the most good.

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The legs.

Author’s Note:

Earlier, Erin didn’t know Sergeant Roxley was involved in Ash’s schemes, but here Roxley recognizes Erin. I probably just wasn’t thinking about the earlier scene when I wrote this, though it’s not hard to explain in a way that’s consistent across both scenes. Roxley just has to know who Ash has working under him.