Swamped Chapter 65 Page 20

“You got any good swimmers on your squad? If we need to get away in a hurry, it’ll be easiest if we’ve got someone who can handle themselves without the lifeboat.”

Stan nods.

“Good thought. Mary Tenth, Colin! Over here, now.”

Stan quickly explains things to two of his knights, and introduces you to Mary Tenth.

“I’m not that good at aquatic combat, but I can move fast in the water,” she explains. “So if that’s what you need, then yeah, I can do it.”

“Then I guess we’re as ready as we’re going to be,” Stan says. “Now we’d better hope they’re still talking.”

You make your way over to the docks. You don’t need to be nearly as careful of patrols, given Stan’s authority, but you still advance carefully in case you run into any more knights working for Ash.

And of course, when you reach the docks, there’s a squad in front of the doors. Erin confirms they’re one of Ash’s.

“We can’t risk a fight here,” Stan says. “We don’t have a numbers advantage, and it’ll take too long. So, any ideas for how we get past ’em?”

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