Swamped Chapter 65 Page 19

“Okay,” you say, mostly thinking aloud. “First off, what matters is that we have a witness. Someone who can report what happens there, and have their accusations taken seriously.”

Stan folds his arms.

“I’m in charge of the squad that patrols the area around the brig. They don’t give just anyone that kind of assignment, you know.”

“That’s a pretty big deal, but Ash is going to go after you hard if it’s your word against his,” Erin says.

“Let him.”

“Then what we need to do is get you there so you can listen in, and get you out once you’ve heard enough. That’s it. But we need to be ready to fight in case they realize someone’s there.”

“Seems pretty straightforward to me,” Stan says. “We head to the docks, take a lifeboat over near the hole, listen in, get out. I’ll bring one of my squad along, and fill in another on the details so they can pass it along to Eve. Question is, who’d be best for helping with this kind of job.”

Stan thinks about this for a moment. Perhaps you can make suggestions about what sort of knight would be particularly helpful.

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A good swimmer, of course. You have to move fast to get there and get away before the meeting concludes, and it’s easy for things to go awry when you’re in a rush. If the lifeboat capsizes or you have to scatter to escape, swimming will be important.