Swamped Chapter 65 Page 16

It’s a bit hard to tell at this distance, but you think you see one with a crossbow. You’ll have an easier time if you can fight at range and they can’t, so you prepare your throw accordingly.

But you’re not going to strike yet. Not until it’s clear the line has been crossed.

“I don’t need to answer your damn questions. Just leave ’em here and we’ll take care of them.”

“Tell the medic we’re here first.”

There’s an uncomfortable pause.

“She’s busy.”

“And she’s going to be busier because of these two. Which means she’ll want to know that so she can figure out what to do about it. What in the hells is so hard about this?”

Stan’s sounding real angry. The other knights around you are on edge, and they’ve already put down the wounded. Nobody else has drawn a weapon yet, though Erin’s got a hand on her club.

“I’ve got my orders,” the knight at the door says stubbornly.

“Well. Your orders make no sense. Do I have to go see Burgundy and drag her down here myself to make that clear, or are you going to stop being so damn stubborn?”

And that’s when the fighting starts. Your slicer hits the crossbow just as its owner finishes loading it; as it drops to the floor, it fires and the bolt hits their squad leader in the shoulder. It’s enough of a distraction for Stan to knock him to the floor.

“I’ll get help!” the crossbow-wielder shouts, running away. Stan rushes for him, but two other knights quickly get in his way.

Damn. You hadn’t thought about reinforcements. Your group can probably take this one, through numbers and your early advantage, but if you have to deal with more knights taking their side… well, that’s a problem.

Your slicer’s come back to you, at least. So what’s your next move?

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Finish off the squad leader, then disable the Knights blocking the way