Swamped Chapter 65 Page 15

“I think we should both go. If there is trouble, it’s better if there’s more of us.”

She doesn’t argue. You can tell she’s worried, though.

Well, in truth, you are too. A fight between Bogknights is going to be a problem no matter which side wins.

You turn back to the patrol leader. You think they said his name was Stan?

“We’ll help out,” you say.

“Good. That makes things a bit easier. All right, let’s get moving.”

You and two other knights pick up one of the unconscious guards; Erin and another duo carry the other. The leader walks ahead of you, occasionally shouting a warning when other patrols get in the way.

Finally, you approach the infirmary. And there’s the group standing outside.

“Make way!” Stan shouts. “Two unconscious, coming through. Everyone, out of the way!”

Your heart nearly stops. This is it. If they don’t let you through, things are going to get ugly.

“Infirmary’s off-limits for now,” one of them says. “Just leave ’em here and we’ll take ’em in when the medic says it’s okay.”

That wouldn’t be so bad for you… but you can’t be sure what Ash’s knights are planning.

“What do you mean, off-limits?” Stan asks, suspiciously. “It’s the infirmary. It’s for emergencies. Why would either of the medics ever close it off? It wasn’t even closed during the greatrat infestation.”

Yeah. That’s what you probably would’ve asked if you were leading the squad.

“All I know is, we got orders not to let anyone in or out until further notice.”

“Orders from who, exactly? I think the other officers would be very interested in knowing who was irresponsible enough to blockade the infirmary, and why.”

At this point, you can’t help but notice that several of the knights in front of the door are putting their hands on their weapons. A fight seems imminent.

Maybe you should be ready to make the first move. You quietly pull out your slicer, and try to get a better look at their weapons. Which one would it be best to surprise?

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Whichever one also has a ranged weapon!