Swamped Chapter 65 Page 14

You can’t think of anything to do, so you just decide to wait. Erin arrives shortly, and the patrol turns up not long after.

“What are you doing here?” one of them asks. “And why are there two unconscious knights in the hall?”

“Well, we were planning on meeting after curfew,” you explain. “The route took me past the brig, and I noticed the two knights down on the ground. I came in here to check if the prisoners had escaped.”

“And I had the same thought, though it was a bit later,” Erin adds.

“Now, we wouldn’t go and do a thing like that,” Sneer says. “We’re responsible prisoners, aren’t we Bellow?”

“Yeah, we’re just sitting here quietly. We know you’ll let us out sooner or later. What’s the rush?”

The knight glares at the two of them.

“I wasn’t talking to you two. This is a matter between Bogknights.”

“Whatever you say,” Sneer replies.

Ignoring them, the knight turns to the rest of the patrol.

“Right. John Two-Thirty-Six, you keep an eye on the prisoners. I’ll escort these two troublemakers back to their rooms. Everyone else, help with carrying the unconscious guards to the infirmary. Grab the stretcher if you need to.”

“Wait, hold on, Stan,” one of the knights pipes up. “What if you held off on taking them back, and we had them help out with the injured instead? You could help us with that, too.”

“Good idea! You two up for that?”

You’re about to agree, but Erin motions to talk. You ask for a moment to discuss it with her.

“Remember, Ash had knights at the infirmary,” Erin whispers to you. “This could be trouble.”

“Good point. But, if it is trouble, this way we’d have reinforcements. These aren’t Ash’s knights, right?”

“No. Still, it might be easier if I didn’t come along. They’ll recognize me for sure. I’ll leave it up to you.”

Hmm. She does have a point. Should you go to the infirmary or not? And if you do, should you go alone or bring Erin along?

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Yeah, you should go. Bring Erin along so security wouldn’t be problem.