Swamped Chapter 65 Page 9

It’s a bit hard to follow what’s going on, since you don’t recognize anyone here. Well, you’ve seen all the faces at one time or another, but you can’t put names to them readily. You think the taller of the two brig guards is a John, but good luck remembering his number.

So without really knowing who’s involved, you can’t be entirely sure who to trust. For the moment, you stay where you are, waiting to see what happens.

You do take your slicer out, though. Just in case.

As you watch the ensuing scuffle, it becomes clear: the two quarreling knights really are working together. They’re clearly cooperating, to a degree that wouldn’t make sense if their tempers were driving them. You’re not sure if the guards have realized it yet.

Well. Make that Guard. Probably-a-John just fell flat on his face, and he doesn’t look like he’s getting up for a while.

Suddenly, you feel a tap at your shoulder. You turn to see Erin.

“There’s a big patrol heading this way,” she says. “Don’t know why. Doesn’t seem to be Ash’s work, though, I didn’t recognize anyone on it.”

Well. That’s trouble, for both you and these two. Which could be bad if one of them is the Grey you’re looking for.

What should you do?

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Intervene as an anonymous party interested in the fates of these knights, and warn them of the approaching patrol.