Swamped Chapter 65 Page 8

“I’m going to check it out. If it’s real, maybe I can break it up; if it’s a ruse, I can probably help with it.”

“If you say so,” Erin shrugs. “I’ll keep watch here, because I don’t want to get involved in that.”

As you approach, you can see the two knights clearly, and two more rush out of the brig.

“Whoever’s making all that racket, cut it out! It’s hard enough getting the prisoners to sleep without all that noise!”

“At least have the decency to argue somewhere else,” the other guard grumbles. “In fact, what are you doing up past curfew?”

“We have a score to settle,” one of the bickering knights shoots back. “And this is where we’re settling it!”

“Great. There’s two of ’em, and I’ve got no idea how close the nearest night patrol is. Meaning, if one of us goes looking for backup, the other’s outnumbered in the meantime.”

“Well, that’s no big problem. We’ve got empty cells, after all. We just gotta toss ’em in there and then we can fetch a patrol to take ’em back to their rooms. Or maybe to see an officer, either way, all we gotta do is subdue ’em.”

The guards start walking towards the quarreling pair. None of them seems to have seen you yet.

So what do you do?

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Wait and see how it plays it out. Do you recognize the bickering knights? Are they good people or renowned trouble-makers?