Swamped Chapter 65 Page 4

You feel like it would be best to review what you and Tom know, though this isn’t the best way to do it.

So you do a quick knock for “situation report”, followed by “Commander”. It’s the best you can manage with the generic code.

Sixth seems to be struggling on his end, too. All he can manage is the color grey, followed by “soldier” and then, after a pause, “report to”.

So he’s suggesting you find someone named Grey? But where? You tap again, “location”.

“Laundry”, followed by “en route”, then “jail”. So he’s somewhere between the laundry room and the brig.

Erin is just staring at you.

“What’s all of that mean?”

“He wants us to go see someone named Grey, or something like that. Who’s going from the laundry room to the brig, apparently. Hope he’s not in trouble.”

“Why would someone be going to the brig when there’s a mutiny going on? He’s not planning to get help from the prisoners, is he?”

You shrug.

“We’ll just have to ask him when we get there. Come on.”

You start leading Erin towards the brig, but about three hallways away, you stop in your tracks as you spot Ash in the middle of the hall, accompanied by Sergeant Roxley.

You don’t think they’ve spotted you yet, but you’re going to have to handle this very carefully.

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Hide behind something and wait till they pass.