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It only takes you a few seconds of considering the question to see how ridiculous it is.

Of course you trust her. She’s the one who helped you get out of Kandria without raising suspicion, after all. You don’t know how she got into the mess she’s in right now, and you can’t say for sure she’s not hiding something about what happened to Burgundy.

But you know she’ll have your back. And you’ll have hers.

“I wish you’d told me sooner that you were mixed up in Ash’s business,” you say, a little annoyed. “But no point dwelling on that now. Any idea where Burgundy went?”

“Not really. She wanted to make sure the other knight got to the infirmary. I told her you’d take care of that. Not that I mentioned you by name, of course, wouldn’t want you getting in trouble needlessly.”

“And she was satisfied with that, despite not knowing exactly who was guiding him there?”

Erin thinks about this for a moment.

“Good point. I guess we should check near the infirmary, for a start?”

“It’s our main lead,” you say with a shrug. “If she didn’t go there, or she got there and left… well, we can worry about that after we know for sure.”

“Yeah,” Erin agrees. “Then let’s go. But we’ve also got to be careful.”

“Just one second,” you say. “Got to pay my respects first.”

“Oh! Right, I was so worried, I hadn’t gotten to that yet. Well, we might as well both do it, then.”

You turn to the incomplete plaque on the table, and put a hand over your heart. Erin does the same.

A moment later, you both leave for the infirmary. There isn’t a lot of hiding to do along the way; Erin tells you it’s because Ash has been diverting patrols tonight for the sake of his plans.

And it seems you’ve just found one of the places he diverted them to. There’s a group of six knights standing outside the infirmary door, and they don’t look like they’re waiting for treatment.

How are you going to deal with this?

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Circumvent them. Go around the back and find a room or hallway that abuts the infirmary; you can communicate with those inside by knocking on the wall or whispering through the ductwork.