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Normally, when you meet up it’s by your old pal’s memorial. But with the auditorium off-limits after the greatrat attack, you can’t get there so easily.

Instead, you’ve taken to meeting at the workshop, where you’re assembling a new memorial because half of it was bitten off. Damned rats.

The workshop’s in one of the least patrolled areas of the base, fortunately. Mostly because anybody who actually tried to use it at night would give themselves away with all the noise. You don’t have much trouble slipping over there.

When you arrive, you find Erin, looking terrified.

“Where’s Burgundy?” you ask.

“She wouldn’t go with me. Which is probably just as well, because I think I’m being followed.”

“Followed? By who?”

“Um. I didn’t really get to telling you this, and I’m very sorry, but… I found out about this whole plan because I was supposed to help with it. And I think some of the other knights realized I spilled it to you.”

“I didn’t see anyone on my way in.”

“I lost them, then? That’s a relief.” She pauses. “But wait, they might be chasing after Burgundy instead… Damn, I guess we’re not done yet. We’ll have to find her before they do.”

Hmm. On the one hand, Erin’s owned up, without you even accusing her yet.

On the other hand… well, she did hide it from you before now. And the whole situation seems pretty sketchy. She claims to have been followed, but you didn’t see anyone nearby?

But maybe she just panicked. If she’s sincere, she might well have overreacted to just seeing one of Ash’s knights around.

Well. Before you do anything else, you’ve got to figure out if you can still trust your oldest friend on the base.

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You trust her too much. Say that you can both help each other in making this right.