Swamped Chapter 64 Page 18

The first thing you do is find the wall. If your attackers are flinging anything else at you, well, at least you’re limiting the directions they can hit you from.

Most likely, they’re after Burgundy. You’ve got no idea where she is, and if you call out to her then you might draw attention from the attackers. Then again, that could distract them and give her a chance to get away. And it also might get the attention of nearby knights who can help.

You’re just about to try it when you feel someone’s hand on your arm. It’s a gentle grip; Burgundy seems to have found you. You feel a gentle tug, and follow her silently, keeping a hand on the wall.

You think you hear something hitting the wall behind you. You’d rather not think about what it is.

A few minutes later, you see a working moss-lamp. Now you can confirm who’s found you…

Wait. That’s not Burgundy. That’s Elize.

“What are you…”

“Shh! They’ll find us.”

“But where’s…”

“Save it. The infirmary’s not far, we can talk there.”

You suppose you can. You certainly aren’t feeling much better after that mess. Elize leads you to the infirmary without much incident, other than motioning to you to duck at one point. As if you needed the cue.

When you arrive, she closes the door.

“Tom Sixth, back again?” Eve asks. “Gotten yourself into trouble again, have you?”

“Maybe a little,” you admit. “Um, someone went for my throat. I think they were only trying to knock me out, but you know. Can’t take chances. My arms and legs aren’t doing so great either. Oh, and Burgundy…”

“Is being chased by some of Ash’s knights,” Elize interjects. “He’s desperate to keep her from ruining what he sees as his moment of glory. My friend and I tried to throw them off the trail by taking out a hall light, I need to go check in with her.”

“Um,” you say. “Would that be your friend Erin, and if so, did she mention how she knew about this?”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, she seems to be working for Ash. And now she’s alone with Burgundy. It would be very nice for us if she’d turned on him, but if she didn’t say that…”

Eve groans.

“This isn’t your business right now, Sixth. Your business is lying down while I have a look at you. Especially if you’ve been choked.”

You suppose you can’t really argue with that.

“I’m going to have to check in with Erin now,” Elize grumbles. “Good luck to you.”

You’re now Elize Sunflower, and you need to find your best friend and make sure she hasn’t played you for a sucker. You’re pretty sure she wouldn’t take part in an outright mutiny, but come to think of it, she didn’t tell you how she’d found out about this planned attack.

Well. The first step is to go to your agreed-upon meeting place, and see if she shows up. You just need a moment to remember where that was.

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By a certain memorial in the auditorium.