Swamped Chapter 64 Page 17

First things first, you should note that you didn’t find any evidence.

After that, you opt to write Ash’s password out. Not directly; in a simple cipher that Grey can figure out promptly, so he can decide whether to trust the others with it. It’s useful information.

You put down some notes that you used it as a diversion against some of Ash’s knights, but Tom Second is currently keeping them detained.

Finally, you add directions to a meeting place near the infirmary in case they need to contact you.

When you’re done, you leave it on the floor and open the door.

“Hope you’re feeling better now,” Burgundy says. “Now come on, let’s make sure you’re all right.”

You follow her down the hall. You do risk a small glance back to confirm that it’s Grey checking the closet for your message.

“Sir, are you sure it’s a good idea to escort me yourself?” you ask. “You should probably be looking for Ash to get a report on what’s going on.”

“Somebody’s got to be around in case you collapse, Tom Second was busy, and we haven’t seen anybody else.”

Ah. Right. Still covering for the others.

“Fair enough,” you sigh. “But I really don’t think I’m going to collapse.”

“Got to be sure. Sometimes injuries like that just sneak up on you.”

Before you can respond, you catch a glimpse of something – a slicer? – striking the hall moss-lamp.

What little light there was here is gone now. And whatever you saw, somebody had to throw it.

What do you do?

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Press back aganist wall so you won’t be an obvious target and hustle out cuz you’re in real danger.