Swamped Chapter 64 Page 16

At this point, it doesn’t seem worth hiding things any more. You’re all on the same side, really.

So when you arrive, you decide to tell her what’s going on.

“There’s knights trying to stop Ash, sir. I ran into some of them earlier.”

Burgundy sighs.

“Figured it might have gotten that far already. But whatever they’re doing, if I get involved it’ll become a much bigger deal. Can’t just go wielding my tenuous authority as acting commander against an officer I don’t like, after all.”

You suppose she has a point there.

“I, er, might have a meeting with them planned.”

“Not in the state you’re in. You need to see the medic. Fast.”

“They, er, might be very close by.”

Burgundy groans.

“Close enough to hear me?” she says, slightly louder than normal.

After a few moments, there’s a light rapping on the laundry room door.

“I see. Well. You’re clearly delirious from how exhausted you must be. I can’t trust a word you say, obviously.”

You think you see where this is going.

“So we’re going to stick with what we were going to do, which was give you a chance to use that chamber pot. Behind a closed door, in a small closet with wiping-paper in it.”

“Sounds… sensible,” you agree.

“So get to it.”

You go into the closet, and take a bit of paper. It seems all you can do right now is leave a note.

So what should you say on it?

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Write a codephrase and obtuse directions to the nearest safely hidden location. Spy stuff yeah.