Swamped Chapter 64 Page 13

You’ve only got one chance you can see. If you yell loud enough for her to hear something past these hands, she’ll come and investigate.

So you gather up as much air as you can manage and scream at the top of your lungs.


It’s not exactly impressive.

Fortunately, the knight covering your mouth hasn’t quite gotten his grip entirely in place. It’s enough to let the scream escape – still not exactly a coherent scream, but right now it just needs to be loud.

It also takes a lot of breath out of you. You start to feel light-headed. Though, you can hear some rather forceful footsteps approaching, and in a panic, the two knights let you go, and you collapse to the floor.

“Now what?”

You feel a kick in your head.

“Now we hope we can knock him out before she gets close enough to see what we’re doing. Then we tell her he fainted suddenly.”

“Stupid! Don’t do it that way, she might see us. Let’s make it look like we’re helping him.”

They kneel down and start pressing on your throat. Another sits on your legs, while the third pins your arms.

You’ve got to fight back, with whatever strength you can find. But you’re already winded. You won’t last long.

But they won’t last long either, will they? It won’t take Burgundy more than a minute to arrive. If you can just stall them a little bit, you might be able to hold on to consciousness… But what can you even do?

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Squeak out the password.

Tom Ex-machina