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The closest group is firmly holding position. Three of them are physically blocking off the hall, while two are walking up and down behind them. They’re treating this seriously. You’re not going to be able to just sneak through a blind spot, even if they were to suddenly decide to turn around.

You suppose you could just march in as if you belonged there, saying you had a report for Burgundy, but they’d find some way to stall you. You’re not even sure the password would do you any good – these are almost definitely all Ash’s knights, but they’re clearly under strict orders to keep the acting commander in the dark. Even if they accepted the password, they wouldn’t let you through.

Hang on a moment, though. When it comes down to it, what you’re trying to do is get Burgundy’s attention. So if you can’t get in, maybe you can draw her out.

You rush towards the group, shouting as loud as you can.

“Emergency! Emergency! I need to talk to Burgundy right away!”

The knights standing guard are taken aback. Probably torn between orders and the thought that maybe this really is an emergency, and maybe bad enough that Ash really wants help.

But one of them soon finds his composure.

“If it’s about the digging machines, we’ve already informed her,” he says, clearly lying. “Anything else, just tell us and we’ll pass it along.”

“What’s all that commotion about?” you hear someone ask, on the other side of the hall. The knights panic, and you can see the two in the hall rushing to reassure her. You start to call out, but one of the knights in front of you quickly covers your mouth, and another moves to grab your hands.

This is not going well. You can’t see Burgundy too well from over here, so she likely can’t see what’s happening to you. But you’ve got to get her attention, fast, or you’ll be in big trouble.

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Yell for her. Just scream.

Author’s Note:

Sometimes, I have a scenario in mind but I don’t put enough work into properly conveying it to the audience.

I had imagined the patrols outside Burgundy’s office to be both heavy and thorough, but since I didn’t get very detailed with the description, that didn’t come across. The suggestion to just run past when their backs were turned wouldn’t work in this scenario – there would just be too many guards.

At a time like this, I have to decide whether to go with the suggestion anyways. Usually the choice I make is to stick to my own scenario, but I clarify it. This is not an attempt to make a suggestion fail after it’s been made – it’s what happens when I don’t clearly communicate the scenario in the first place. If I’m not sure myself of what the situation is like, I’m generally not going to be picky about what the suggestion imagines it to be like.