Swamped Chapter 64 Page 9

You notice that the holes are just about big enough to drop someone down. For a moment, you consider pushing one of the guards to see how they react.

But then you remember the rumors of tunnelers. The machines alone wouldn’t cause panic. Not to mention, even if they’d chased them off, they might worry about another strike.

And getting caught would probably just result in you getting dragged over to Ash again and told off for pulling a dangerous prank. You can’t see any way that would be helpful. Even if he got mad enough to send you to the brig, you’re likely to be kept several cells away from the actual prisoners.

On the other hand, dropping something down a hole could tell you a lot, if it was big enough to make a noise. Too bad you don’t have any rocks on you.

“Got anything we can drop down one of the holes?” you whisper to Grey.

He pulls a rock out of his pouch and hands it to you. It seems a good size.

“We use these sometimes when we need to distract animals or lead them away,” he whispers back. “Should be good enough. But I’m not going any closer if I don’t have to.”

So you’ll have to do it, then. You wait until you’re fairly sure both knights have their backs turned, then quickly step just a bit closer and toss the stone at the nearest hole.

Then you slip back as fast as you can, and watch. The knights turn to the holes as they hear a sound.

“Don’t suppose that’s another machine?” one asks.

“I dunno. They made a lot more noise than that.”

“I really hope we got them all. What were those things, even?”

The other knight, as best as you can tell, is shrugging.

“Beats me. Maybe Ash’ll find something out when he finishes looking them over.”

You and Grey exchange glances. Seems you’ve got to find wherever Ash hid the things.

So how are you going to do that?

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Time to use the secret password to get these guys to show you the way.
Check under his bed