Swamped Chapter 63 Page 13

“Taking it back up there? Are you sure that’s a good idea?”

He looks at you, a bit puzzled.

“What do you mean?”

“Well, this seems like a pest control problem, doesn’t it? Seems a bit irresponsible not to check in with them about what to do. What if the hen’s sick, we wouldn’t want the crows catching whatever it’s got.”

“She doesn’t look sick to me,” Sphagnum says, staring at the swamphen.

“But are you an expert on swamphens? I mean, you can chance it, but if it were me I wouldn’t want to get lectured at if it caused a problem.”

He grumbles for a bit, then relents.

“All right. I’ll go check in with pest control. This is their problem now.”

He starts walking off. The other two knights continue leading you away, though you keep talking all the while.

Hopefully, that should give Elize a chance to get down. Even if she gets caught, as long as she’s not in the Roost that shouldn’t draw any particular attention.

Naturally, you soon sort things out with the Postmaster, returning his key and “explaining” that the crow was scared off. He makes a show of lecturing you, especially as the crow’s probably not going to come back until it hits Kandria, and you give back the key.

Then it’s an uneventful walk back to your room, if still under escort.

Or at least it is until something bursts through the floor.

“Not the greatrats again!” one of your escorts shouts, panicking. But a moment later, it becomes clear that it isn’t; it’s some sort of digging machine.

And here you are without a weapon.

What do you do?

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