Swamped Chapter 63 Page 8

You decide to stay on track. There might just be a perfectly normal explanation for why the door’s open. Maybe it was left unlocked, one of the patrollers opened it by mistake, and someone’s gone off to fetch the keys.

And it wouldn’t do to abandon such an intriguing opportunity only to find out some officer forgot to lock their door. Although, you do make a point to remember which door this is, so you can find out who works here when you’ve got a bit more time. Just in case there is something noteworthy about it.

Indeed, your hunch soon seems to be borne out, as someone rushes over and the patrollers turn their attention to the new arrival. Providing an excellent chance for you to slip over to the other end of the hall.

Good thing you held off. Imagine if you’d gone snooping and they’d locked you in!

Still. You have this funny feeling that there’s more to this than a forgetful officer. But you don’t have time to chase that particular hunch.

“Hey! I think I just saw someone over by the officers’ quarters!”

In fact, you have less time than you thought. One of the patrollers must have spotted you just as you turned the corner.

So. What now?

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Run for it!

Can you throw something the opposite direction that you’re going, either now or when you reach a corner, to make some noise and get them off track?