Swamped Chapter 63 Page 7

You don’t have much time to watch, but you do see a point where everyone’s back is turned. You quickly crawl down the hall, and spot an open door nearby.

It’s dark inside, which should help you hide and see if you can slip through the rest of the way. So you stay there, and wait a bit for your next chance.

At least the way back will be easier if you can persuade the Postmaster to help. Maybe not so fast if you have to swipe his keys, though.

Wait, hang on. Keys. The offices are normally locked at this hour. But the door to this one is wide open.

On the other hand, it’s dark, suggesting the moss-lamp is covered up. So it’s not likely to be someone working late.

This is definitely odd, but chances are you won’t make it back to Elize in time if you look into it now.

What are you going to do?

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Dark room vs secret letter?

Frig even you sometimes leave doors unlocked so you don’t have to hassle with opening them later.

Not to mention, gaining the trust of an anti-kandrian spy is valuable in all sorts of ways…