Swamped Chapter 63 Page 2

You might be able to scare it away with loud noises. But that would also draw Elize’s attention, which you’d rather not do.

Unless… it were a noise that would fit in here in the Roost. Namely, a crow cawing. You might even get the actual crows joining in, keeping Elize from thinking about where the original sound came from.

So you promptly do your best crow impression. Which isn’t amazing, if you’re being honest, but it only needs to be passable. Especially as luck is on your side, and the real crows soon drown it out.

The swamphen certainly seems taken aback from the crowing in all directions. It stops suddenly, giving Elize a chance to catch it… and grab the letter. Hmm. Maybe if you’d timed that a bit differently, you could have gotten ahold of it yourself. Oh well, you’ll just have to settle for eavesdropping.

“Blasted swamphen,” she mutters, as she wanders over to the railing at the edge. “How’d it even get up here? They’re not exactly good climbers.”

You were wondering the same thing. But you’re more curious as to what she’s writing.

“At least it didn’t get away with the letter. Last thing I need is to have everyone blabbing about my hobbies.”

Hobbies? That’s an odd thing to be so worried about. What kind of hobby warrants sneaking around at night to send a letter off?

Well, you might be able to get a bit more of a clue for that if you watch where she sends it. She hurriedly finishes it up and…


She looks to be coming directly this way. And you’re not sure this cage is going to hide you so well up close.

What do you do?

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Play it cool, keep the element of surprise, step out deliberately and greet her by name. Ask her what she’s up to.

If she’s on the defensive, she’ll be too flustered to effectively question you. If she asks, you can honestly say you came here looking for the postmaster.

Maybe you’ll actually get something interesting outta her.