Swamped Chapter 63 Page 1

You climb up carefully, and take a quick look to see where Elize is. She seems to be distracted, which is just as well; it gives you time to hide and get a better look at what she’s doing.

It seems the Postmaster has gone for the night. You could leave him a note, but you feel what you’ve learned should be discussed in person. But that’s going to have to wait either way. You slip behind one of the crows’ cages and glance at what Elize is doing.

As best as you can tell, she’s writing a letter. Unfortunate that you don’t have a pair of long goggles on you, or you might be able to read it from here. It must be something big if she’s sneaking all the way over here to write it.

You’re pondering how best to approach when, all of a sudden, a swamphen swoops down at her. What’s one doing all the way up here?

You don’t know, but it snatches the letter and starts running off. And Elize gives chase.

Which could be a problem considering the swamphen is headed in your direction.

What should you do?

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Make bird noises!

…You know, to scare it away and possibly kick up a flock of crows for cover.