Swamped Chapter 62 Page 15

You saw her earlier, meeting with the girl you tricked into giving you the password. You think her name was Elize?

Not that you got a very good look, but you did catch a glimpse of those boots that were quite a bit more colorful than the standard-issue pair. And you’re getting a much better look at them now, since she’s stopped right in front of your hiding place.

Luckily, she doesn’t seem to be going for it. You don’t think there’s room for three in here. Mark already seems to be a little uncomfortable with how cozy it is with just the two of you.

Instead, she ducks into a nearby room, one that you had thought was locked.

About a minute later, an actual patroller comes through the halls, looking for miscreants like you. But they don’t catch you, or pay any attention to the closed door.

When they move on, Mark glances at you.

“We still heading back?” he whispers. “Or are we checking out whatever she’s up to in there?”

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I think we’ve had enough excitement for the evening; let’s get somewhere safe and go over what we’ve learned. (Side note, we should be able to compile some interesting info in our grand contest of officer opinions.)

Author’s Note:

I might have jumped the gun a little on this update, since I ended up getting a suggestion about an hour after posting it. But hey, at least that meant I had one for the next day.

As for why I went this direction, I had reread the early part of the story not that long ago, stumbled on the name “Elize Sunflower”, and realized that it was a name I liked a lot. So I opted to introduce her as an actual character. I’d already brought her in during the scene a little while ago, so I thought if I was going to take initiative when the prompt was “who is this”, I might as well pull her in.

The boots were a spur-of-the-moment decision to make her more memorable, so that it would make sense that Tom recognized her even though he’d only caught a brief glimpse earlier.