Swamped Chapter 62 Page 14

“We’d best not discuss this out here,” you say. “Someone might overhear us. How about we get back to your room?”

You give a sly smile to Mark. He seems a little bit skeptical.

“Well… I guess I need your help getting back there without being caught. So, all right, we can talk for a bit there, but not very long.”

Suits you fine, that gives you more time to contemplate questions. Such as “what’s the Guild” and “who’s Bernard”. But you’re sure there are others, and of course the order is important.

Especially if he doesn’t want you sticking around too long. Shame, he’s rather good-looking. Well, maybe he just thinks you’re coming on a little too strong. In any case, you’ll need to ask him about the most important things first.

Unfortunately, you seem to have put a little too much thought into that, because Mark suddenly pulls you back as you’re about to turn a corner.

“I hear footsteps up ahead,” he whispers. Significantly less romantic than anything you’d hoped he might say, but ah well. Point taken, you were a little careless.

You head back to a small nook, Mark in tow, and wait for the patroller to pass by.

Wait a minute. You think you know who that is, and they don’t look like they’re patrolling.

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Author’s Note:

There were no suggestions on this update. In this case, I ended up just improvising.