Swamped Chapter 62 Page 13

You decide to act as if the slip-up doesn’t mean anything to you, and focus on the plain meaning of his warning.

“Makes sense. I don’t expect to look into anything too dangerous, but if it does come to that I should be able to keep it out of sight. After all, you can never be too sure a room inspector won’t ‘confiscate’ something valuable. Especially if you’re not really supposed to have it. But, you need that sort of thing to have a real good leave, don’t you?”

Squib’s worries are soon forgotten in the face of his greed. As you hoped.

“Yeah, I get you there, man. I hope you’ll stay in touch.”

You walk out of the auditorium, and head back to where you left Mark.

“How’d it go?” he asks.

“Well, he didn’t toss me down a gaping hole, and he’s convinced I’m loaded. He’s also reasonably convinced I didn’t catch it when he mentioned the ‘Guild’, whatever that is.”

Mark’s eyes widen.

“You’re kidding. He’s involved in that dirty business? I knew Squib Squad was sketchy, but I wasn’t expecting something that bad…”

Well, you’re not one to waste an opportunity for some good gossip. This could be a very informative conversation.

Indeed, there’s so many questions you could ask, the hardest part is figuring out where to begin.

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Begin in Mark’s room, of course. …HEYO

But seriously, get somewhere more private before you start chatting about illicit goingson involving people who might throw you into a chasm.