Swamped Chapter 62 Page 10

Your best move is to string Squib along. Right now, he’s skeptical that talking to you is going to be worth his while, so you’ve got to change his mind on that.

Which means asking for something valuable. Of course, anything genuinely valuable is probably going to be hard for him to acquire… unless, of course, he can fake it.

“Well, how extensive is your menu?” you ask. “Just this side of the swamp? Or can you slip over and grab creatures that are more common on the Marshguard side?”

“Depends what you’re willing to pay for,” Squib says. He’s sounding more confident. “If the price is right, we can even arrange for something outside the swamp entirely.”


“Like a desert horse?” you ask. “I’ve heard their meat is exquisite, but I’ve never had a chance to try it myself.”

“A desert horse?” Squib seems taken aback, but quickly catches himself. “Yeah, I think we can swing that. For about… three hundred gold?”

Or, more likely, bet on the idea that you won’t know the difference between desert horse meat and whatever he gets you. Well, time to lead him on a bit. Make him squirm a little, see what he lets slip when he’s desperate to get your money.

“You ‘think’? I’m not paying you three hundred for your thoughts, I doubt they’re even worth a penny.”

“I mean… it’s tougher to get ahold of than what we usually deal in, you know? Hard to make guarantees. We got good sources for our supplies, but I can’t be totally sure they’re that good.”

Sources. That sounds like something it would be interesting to know more about. But if you make it too obvious you’re trying to get info about them, he may well clam up.

So how should you respond?

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Ask how long it would take. Make him think you have access to more traditional sources from back in town. How are his any better? Hard to get the meat here fresh.