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You take a quick glance, but nothing in the immediate area seems unusual. So you may as well read the book, whatever spirit it was given to you in.

Gale was, all in all, a happy youth. Popular, with a promising apprenticeship to the best tailor in town, and perhaps most importantly of all, had a promising relationship with the handsome Robert.

And yet, it was that last one that Gale was in agony over. For they wished to give Robert a token of engagement, yet nothing in town seemed fitting for such a wonderful man’s hand in marriage…

You have to say, the illustrator is really selling Robert here. Not that Gale is bad-looking by any stretch, but if there’s a real person Robert’s modeled after, you definitely want to meet him.

Then Gale heard the strange story of a castle deep in the mountains. Those who had passed by said the castle itself seemed to be abandoned, yet its gardens seemed to be lovingly tended, holding the most beautiful flowers in the world.

One flower in particular stood out – the golden rose. Once Gale heard of it, they knew it would be the perfect gift.

Actually, you think just meeting the illustrator would be interesting. The drawing of the golden rosebush – which, you note, carefully avoids showing any thorns on the roses – is absolutely gorgeous. Curious, you glance at the cover to see if their name is listed.

Hmm. That’s odd. Both the author and illustrator use obvious pseudonyms. You recognize them as Kandrian words – Vadren and Alleste – but your Kandrian’s rusty and it takes you a bit of thought to recall what they mean.

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Author’s Note:

There were no suggestions after this update, so I just asked elsewhere for what the words could mean.