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“I did notice there was a line here earlier,” you say. “Mostly made up of rather big fellows. Were they all right?”

“Can’t go into specifics,” Eve says. “They didn’t have anything contagious, that’s all I can tell you. If you want to know how they are, ask them yourself.”

“I’m just wondering what got those strapping lads, really. In case it’s something I need to worry about.”

“Well, they weren’t willing to tell me what might have caused them trouble, so I can’t give you any specific warnings either,” Eve mutters. “You and your boundless curiosity. What did you even say to set Eighth off? Did you go poking into his room to figure out what his invention was or something?”

“No, not at all. I barely remember what I said.” Which is true. You think it had to do with Ash, but your head’s still spinning a bit. However, it gives you a thought to pull a little bluff. “Was it him I mentioned golden roses to, or someone else…”

“Golden roses?” She seems a bit surprised. “Why would you be asking Tom Eighth about a fairy tale?”

“Oh, is that where it comes from? Yes, I think I heard someone use the phrase and was planning to ask the Recordkeeper if he knew what it was from. Still getting my bearings a bit.”

“It’s just a story about blindly pursuing beauty and getting hurt for it,” Eve says. “Which I suppose explains why someone would mention it to you.”

Now that’s just mean.

“I think we have a copy, actually. Not that I have any time to read these days. Maybe you could benefit from it.” She digs through the shelves and hands you the book. “Enjoy.”

“Thank you,” you say, as sincerely as possible. No sense letting her insults get to you.

“Anyhow, I’ve got other patients to check on. I’ll be back in a few minutes and then we can see if you’re awake enough to leave.”

She heads out.

Well, you’re not one to let an opportunity to poke around pass you by. Even if it’s just a small bedchamber in the infirmary.

So what are you going to take a look at?

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This kick-ass fairy tale.