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You’ve got few options. You could bury it in the sand, but you’re not a great digger. You could toss it away, but who’s to say they wouldn’t find it. Not to mention, if you do that, you have no idea how to find it again.

So all you can think of to do is swallow it. You carefully squeeze it into the gap between your mask and face, and let it slip into your mouth.

Good thing this strange rock isn’t very big. Although you’re not sure how easy it’ll be to get out again, but you can worry about that later.

Hopefully, anyways. As the cloaked figure approaches, you find yourself suddenly getting drowsier…

You wake up with a start.

“Don’t be in such a rush, it’s not good for your blood pressure,” Eve says. “Not even one day back and you get your big nose in trouble? You haven’t changed a bit, Sixth.”

“Where’s Lisa, what’s going on,” you mutter.

“Tom Eighth got mad and punched you. He wouldn’t tell me more than that, other than that he was sorry. Also, one of my other patients said you were having swamp sickness earlier. Is that true?”

“Me? Not at all. Probably got me mixed up with some other Tom, you know how many of us there are.”

“Well, you just got back, so you’d be particularly prone to catching it again. It’s easy to forget standard disease precautions when you get back from ‘civilized’ society. Anyhow, you had some luck there, Eighth dragged you here right after the line cleared out. You should rest a bit more until you’ve got your strength back, though. Can’t assume you’re fine just because you’ve regained consciousness.”

Which is to say, she’s not going to let you run off and try to figure out what Lisa’s up to.

Well, you’ll just have to deal with it the best you can. Which is to say, see what sort of info you can get out of Eve.

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Were my friends from Squib Squad okay when they got their checkups?

Have you heard about any golden roses?