Swamped Chapter 61 Page 10

After a few hallways, it becomes clear enough – she’s going for Vera Greenwoods’ office. Probably to see for herself what the ‘treasure’ is – though what happens after that, you aren’t so sure about. Didn’t exactly get much chance to read her face after she took off.

Well. You can worry about that later. Right now you’ve got to get in.

Unfortunately, you’re not quite fast enough to stop Penelope from opening the door… and she’s locked it after her. Wonderful. And you handed off your tools, so it’s not as if you can take the thing off its hinges.

You might be able to knock it down with brute force, but that’d take a while. Maybe you could find someone bulkier to knock it down faster, but there’s no guarantee anyone that strong would be nearby.

So how are you going to get in?

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Bird noises.