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“There you are.”

You haven’t even had time to think of anything – other than musing on if she’d come to another card tournament – when Penelope shows up right in front of you.

“Seems I’m popular tonight. I hope you don’t need help with repairs, I’ve just handed in my tools for the night.”

She’s glancing right at the notepad in your hands. Good thing she can’t see the message itself.

“What’s the notepad for, then?” she asks.

“Just some reminders on things I didn’t have time to get to today,” you say casually. “You know how it is, there’s always complications popping up when it comes to repairs. So, how can I help you?”

“Well, first off I’m wondering why Tom… Eighth, I mean… had an unconscious knight slung over his shoulder when I was on my way here. I tried asking, but he just rushed off.”

“Oh, the boys got in a stupid argument over something or other and Eighth lost his temper. So now he’s taking Tom Sixth to the infirmary.”

“That was Sixth?” Penelope asks. She seems surprised. “I remembered him being taller.”

“You’re not getting to the point, Penelope. What do you want?”

“Well. I want to know why Tom Eighth spent his free periods today with you instead of working on the… that project of his,” she says. “Because he’s been at it every day since he heard the news of Third’s death, and I have to wonder what could possibly be so important that he’d put it aside.”

She’s more on point than you expected. How do you respond?

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