Swamped Chapter 60 Page 13

After a while of struggling to think of anything, you settle for looking for Lisa again. She’s probably finished with whatever she was in such a hurry with by now. Your best guess, then, is that she’s turning in her supplies. Though, it’s possible she’s expecting a long night, given the state of the base; but you’ll worry about that if you don’t find her.

You head to the tool storage room, and you do, in fact, find Lisa there.

But wait a moment. Who’s that with her?

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It’s Eighth!

Lisa is being really pushy, she didn’t even notice you come in! She only gets this focused when she’s got a really difficult problem on her mind.

One time, you pulled a prank on her by setting her up with an unsolvable puzzle, at least, that’s what Recordkeeper said it was.

Three days later she came back with 5 solutions for it! At least that’s what she said they were. Recordkeeper was impressed too.