Swamped Chapter 60 Page 12

A little misdirection is warranted, to keep Erin from suspecting anything.

“Well. I got the impression there was going to be a delivery or something like that going on here. Didn’t get told much, but that was the sense I got. I’m not gonna get in your way, just try to lead her somewhere else.”

She looks at you a little skeptically.

“This was supposed to be my break from patrolling. Besides, why have a delivery here, of all places? This is too obvious a meeting spot.”

“Look, I’m new to this, they barely told me anything. I’m sure you can figure something out, say you wanted to show her something maybe.”

Erin rolls her eyes.

“Gods, sometimes I think I wish I could just quit the squad and not have to deal with this kind of nonsense any more. But I suppose that isn’t really an option.”

Interesting. Seems this “big man” has some leverage over her. Though, this isn’t a good time to work out what it is.

You slip away, well before Elize arrives. Now you need to think about what you’re doing next.

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Author’s Note:

There were no suggestions for this update.

At this point, the two main leads were “Look for Lisa” and “Talk to Ash” so I flipped a coin to decide between them. “Look for Lisa” won.