Swamped Chapter 60 Page 11

“What’s the password?” you exclaim as they approach.

“Uh, what? Uh, a golden rose has silver thorns… wait… Why would I need to give th… a password for the Rock?”

You weren’t actually expecting a response. You just figured it was worth a shot. Now you’ve got to bluff carefully, so they don’t go encouraging anyone to find a new password.

“I didn’t get told the details,” you say. “I just got told to stay near the Rock and chase off anybody who didn’t know what was up. But it seems you do, so you’re fine.”

“Seriously?” the knight asks, rolling her eyes. “Just asking for the password openly? You new at this or something? You’re not supposed to let on that there even is a password.”

“It’s my first day,” you admit a little sheepishly. “I guess I was a little too eager to please. But you’re the first one to come by, so no harm done, right?”

“I didn’t see anyone else around, so I guess you’re okay. For now. But you screw up again, and the big man is going to hear about it. Got it?”

“Got it,” you say. Big man. An interesting turn of phrase.

“So what’s this even about? You got orders for me or something?”


“Because this is real inconvenient. I don’t just work for the big man, y’know. I got my own stuff going on. And I’m supposed to meet someone here…”

“Erin?” someone calls from a little distance away. “Are you there already? Sorry I’m running late!”

“Right about now,” she sighs. “So unless you got a good reason why I should chase my pal Elize away, I suggest you get lost so we can talk privately. Got it?”

You get the message. And you did get some interesting information already. It might be worth dropping your bluff and hoping Erin here doesn’t catch on.

But, you also might be able to get more information about the “big man” if you keep this up. On the other hand, the more lies you tell, the more likely you are to slip up with one.

So what’s it going to be?

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It’s a delivery or something, I think, but we have a little time before it’s supposed to go down. I’ll give you guys some privacy and let you be, but try to lead her elsewhere as soon as you can, okay? I’ll be back in five.

(And then you slip into the shadows from whence you came)