Swamped Chapter 60 Page 9

Well. The first thing you notice is that Juliet has very nice hands. The sorts of hands that can wield both a pencil and a battleaxe with finesse. Quite distinctive, you have to admit.

But that doesn’t drive your curiosity as much as the odd markings on the Knob.

“What do those marks there mean?”

“Oh! Well, I saw some odd animal carcasses there. Marked the location down because I want to see how they look after another day of decay, assuming a larger scavenger doesn’t find ’em.”

Without prompting, she flips to a sketch. Oof, it’s as detailed as they typically are. But your attention is soon drawn to their distinctive leathery wings.

“Bats?” you ask. “Since when are there bats in the swamp?”

“Good question. I was kind of wondering if they came from, like, deep in Marshguard territory. Wherever they get their purple wood. Unfortunately, the Dean’s been captured so I can’t get his opinion. Was thinking I might see if his pal Grey has any ideas. He’s not really an expert, but you can’t hang around with the Dean as much as he does without picking some things up.”

Is that what Grey was trying to hide? Had he come across these bats before, and maybe been instructed to keep it quiet while somebody else figured out what was going on?

If you stick with Juliet, you might have a chance to find out. But maybe you’d rather get back to looking for Lisa. That’s the thing about curiosity, there’s always something new popping up. You keep having to decide whether to take a new lead or keep following the old one.

So. What do you do?

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Ask for a copy of the sketch, she can probably whip one up pretty quick.

Oh, and ask about her training with greenwoods. Maybe even ask about the crazyness that happened during the attack.

Then head to the rock