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You soon find a group sitting at a table with several decks of cards laid out. You see Lisa among the group, but she doesn’t have a hand. Probably sitting out because of her win record.

You decide to head over and find out more details. It’s easiest to start by asking Lisa, so that’s what you do.

“What’s everyone playing?”

“Well, we haven’t started for real yet, these are just warmup rounds. Grey’s trying to get some more entrants, see if we can get to sixteen for a full bracket…”


“Oh, you didn’t see the sign? We’re holding a tournament. Or, well, that was the plan, but yesterday’s rain threw things off a bit. We were going to have an organizational meeting to work out our final preparations, but then Nora got captured. She’s back now, but not in the mood to oversee a card tournament, so that leaves us short a judge. And it meant we put the signs up at the last minute, so we don’t have as many players as we’d like.”

“So, what’s the game? Is it Swamprats?”

“Ha, no, the last Swamprats tournament was a disaster and the officers told us to stick to less ’emotionally-charged’ games. That’s how the Captain put it. I could tell you more about this game, if you’re interested in joining the tournament.” Then she smirks slightly. “Or maybe you’d like to be our third judge? It’s just me and Grey right now, and we’re going to need someone to settle our arguments.”

“But I haven’t played a lot of card games. Most of my experience is losing to you in Swamprats.”

“This is a simple one, don’t worry. And there aren’t that many judge calls, mostly you watch the game and make sure nobody cheats. You don’t have to, just thought you might enjoy giving it a try.”

Well, it’s an intriguing offer. Will you take her up on it? Or perhaps you’d rather try your luck in the tournament. Of course, you also might have some questions to ask her, whether they’re about the game or something else.

You also wonder just what the name of the game they’re playing is, but you’re sure you’ll find that out soon enough.

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Yeah! You should be the judge of Three Leaves! Which features threes and leaves as very important groups of cards

Eh, why not judge. I hope you won’t be asked to strongarm anyone’s decision, haha