Swamped Chapter 6 Page 16

You consider looking for Nora Feldspar, but since you haven’t actually met her and don’t have a particularly strong reason to talk to her right now, you decide to just head to the lounge again. It’s not as if you have a better place to go.

This time, it’s rather crowded. Not as much as yesterday, when the rumors of rain were swirling around, but it seems that it’s close enough to dinner that far more knights are taking a break.

You might recognize someone here, but there’s also several groups in the middle of their own activities, and it might be interesting to join in.

What will you do here?

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Card tournament, you’re in.

join in!!!

Author’s Note:

Very short page here, even shorter than some previous short pages. Guess I wasn’t feeling particularly inspired that night and just left things pretty open for the suggesters.

But it ended up going somewhere pretty interesting, so I’d say it worked out overall.