Swamped Chapter 6 Page 15

You catch the names Ben Eleventh and Nora Feldspar. The latter sounds like a Kroskan surname; she’s probably the other Kroskan Burgundy was talking about. Especially as being surnameless is rare in Kroska; but then, Mary has both a surname and a number, so that’s clearly no guarantee.

Anyhow, you try your best to remember the names even as you drift off for a nap.

It’s mid-afternoon by the time the medic wakes you up. For the most part, the pain has cleared up, and the mystery pain in your missing arm seems to have passed too. It probably was all in your head.


At any rate, John Medic recites a list of things you definitely shouldn’t attempt just yet, such as climbing ladders. He gives you a copy of the list too, in case you need a reminder.

You thank him and get up. You feel a little embarrassed.

Regardless, you’ve got some time before dinner, and no particular obligations. What are you going to do?

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Find Nora Feldspar!

Break room, see who’s around

Author’s Note:

When I was posting this here, I was initially confused at what I meant with the line about Mary. But then I took a closer look and realized I meant that it was less likely “Ben Eleventh” was Kroskan, since he’d probably have a surname if he were. Mary Baker, however, is a Kroskan with a surname and a number, so Ben might be too for all we know.

Just thought I’d clarify that in case anyone else was confused.