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“Let’s see. There’s Grey on Pest Control, there’s Mary Thirteenth, who I believe was helping you train… and that schedule’s been completely thrown off because of your injuries, hasn’t it.” She looks at you apologetically for a moment before changing the subject back to knights you could ask. “Tom Ninth, too, though he’s still a bit shaken from his time as a prisoner… oh, I think one of our two missing might be Kroskan, but they’ll definitely still need downtime when they get back. May not be the best to ask.”

You thank her, and once again reassure her that you don’t hold any grudge. Then you head off to find someone to help you with the letter.

Of the people she named, you probably know Mary Baker the best. You could try asking one of the others, but it would feel more awkward considering the personal nature of the request.

You check the main schedule and see that Mary has a free period in about an hour. You’ll probably be able to find her in the lounge at that point.

So how will you pass the time?

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Go the lounge anyway! See who else is there?

Learn to juggle one-handed