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You decide that it’s best if you just leave. You slip back out quietly and shut the door. Hopefully nobody heard you.

It occurs to you that John Medic might have some writing supplies, so you head back to the infirmary to ask.

He does, in fact, have some paper and pens. He asks if you’d like some help with the actual writing.

“Well, it’s got to be in Kroskan. Do you know the language?”

John shakes his head.

“No. John Recordkeeper’s good with languages, though. Or if he’s busy, we do have some knights from Kroska, but I can’t remember who off the top of my head. Ask around and I’m sure you can find someone, though.”

You thank him and decide to skip going back to the archives. The recordkeeper probably has enough to worry about right now.

You start making your way to the lounge to see if there’s anyone you can ask about Kroskan knights. On your way there, though, you find Burgundy stepping out of the kitchen, and you feel like you ought to reassure her that you don’t hold a grudge.

“Um. Hello, ah, Sergeant Burgundy,” you begin.

“Just Burgundy now. Got demoted, I thought you would have heard.”

You did, but it doesn’t seem important.

“Well, I just wanted you to know, for what it’s worth… I’m not mad at you. I do wish things hadn’t happened the way they did yesterday, but I forgive you for your part in it.”

She lets out a sigh.

“Thanks. Maybe one day I’ll be able to forgive myself.” She glances at the paper and pen in your hand. “You, ah, are you going to be able to write that by yourself?”

“Not sure. I was going to get someone to help, but I need to write it in Kroskan. I need to tell my… well, one of my fathers about my injury.”

As you say the words, you realize how odd your uncertainty must sound. Ever since you were young, you knew your parents as Father and Henry.

“Ah. Family matters. You get on well with your family, Marshall?”

“Well. I have no doubt they both love me. But one of them disappeared a few years ago, and the other, the one I’m writing to… he’s taken it hard, and we’ve always had trouble talking to each other. Still, he needs to know what happened to me.”

You suddenly realize this is probably a sensitive subject to talk about with Burgundy, considering her role in it.

“Well, I’ve had a lot of experience writing difficult letters to relatives,” she says. “If you feel like you need help with the words, let me know. Not sure how it’ll translate to Kroskan, but I’m sure there’s a way to get the sentiment across.”

“You don’t know Kroskan, I suppose.”

“Only a bit. Mother’s from there, but never really tried to teach me. I can point you to some Kroskan knights, though. Just give me a moment to think about who they were, again.”

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