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Before you can settle your mind on anything else, you feel yourself breaking down in tears. You lost your arm, and you barely even care that no one told you about the rainspawn. You knew the rain was dangerous and you took your time trying to get a chicken into a tree anyhow. Maybe it’s not actually your fault, but it damn well feels like it.

A few minutes later, when you’ve finally composed yourself, you decide to head outside. Might as well find out if the chicken made it through all that, or if you lost your arm for nothing at all.

On your way out, though, you see a man in a Marshguard uniform standing at the gates, tapping his foot impatiently while the guards work the doors. He must be the prisoner.

“Can’t believe it takes this long to open the damn gates,” he grumbles. “Hurry it up, I’ve got to get home.”

This strikes you as a stark contrast from the last prisoner you saw on his way to be released.

“No escort?” you ask.

“Eh? You must be new,” he says. “Ooh, but by the looks of things you ran into something nasty. Anyhow, prisoners never get an escort after the rain. In fact, aside from repair crews nobody goes on duty outdoors until late afternoon. We just make our way home. Sometimes a fight breaks out if the Bogknight prisoners and Marshguard prisoners run into each other, but we usually try to stay out of each others’ way.”

You can’t help but feel that there’s very little fighting going on in what’s supposed to be a warzone. Maybe you’re just not in much of a position to see it happen.

“But seriously, these gates are taking forever to open! This is ridiculous. Why, what if someone were caught out in the rain? Can you imagine how long they’d have to wait before they could get in?”

You wonder if you should say something to him.

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Cough and raise your hand that isn’t there anymore.

Ask them about how much they actually fight out here

Do both in order