Swamped Chapter 59 Page 4

Squib Squad is here to see the medic. That could mean they’re in pain, which would make their members more agitated than usual.

And whatever’s bothering them isn’t clearly visible. Perhaps they’re having stomach pains as well.

You can at least get some clue into that.

“All right, I won’t bother you… ooohh… oohh..”

You hold your stomach, trying your best not to look too dramatic about it.

“You know, maybe I don’t need your help finding a reason after all,” you groan, giving your interrogator a pained look.

He doesn’t seem impressed.

“You ain’t gonna get a stomach ache that bad on a diet of leaves,” he growls. “I’m not stupid.”

You may have overdone it a bit.

“Actually,” says the knight you were just talking to, “that’s what swamp sickness looks like if it’s not treated quickly. My pal Ben Ninth skipped out on seeing the medic for a couple of days and threw up rather spectacularly.”

Suddenly the Squib Squad member looks a little worried.

“Really? Uh, how long does it take?”

“Don’t know. I just know that nasty stuff they give you fixes it pretty quickly.”

Hmm. Does he have swamp sickness? Or is he worried about catching it off you? You have to admit, you didn’t know it could get that bad – you always took the nasty stuff right away, because you preferred to get it over with.

Of course, if you’re going to keep up this charade, you’ll probably get a dose of it. Which you’d rather avoid. Maybe you should just come clean now, before it gets too far.

Then again, maybe you can find a way to get some more information by playing this up some more. Decisions, decisions.

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That “diet of leaves” comment seems like a giveaway. Could Grey be wise to (and Squib Squad involved in) some plan to capture or smuggle animals into the base for their meat? A sort of culinary black market?

Complain aloud about the leaf-only diet, and how you don’t think you can stand to eat it much longer. You’d give a week’s wages for a decent steak, etc, see if anyone shows any interest or fear.